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Car Race Zombie Killer Games: The New Action Game of 2022

Car Racing Zombie Killer Game Download: How to Survive the Apocalypse on Wheels


If you are a fan of action-packed games that combine shooting, racing, and zombies, then you are in for a treat. Car racing zombie killer games are a genre of games that let you drive your way through a zombie apocalypse, smashing, shooting, and escaping from hordes of the undead. These games are thrilling, addictive, and challenging, as you have to balance speed, accuracy, and survival skills.

car racing zombie killer game download

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about car racing zombie killer games, including what they are, why they are so popular and fun, and how to download and play them on different devices. We will also give you a list of the best car racing zombie killer games to try in 2023, along with their features, pros and cons, and download links. Finally, we will share some tips and tricks for car racing zombie killer games that will help you improve your performance and enjoy the game more. So buckle up, grab your weapons, and get ready for some zombie-slaying action!

What are car racing zombie killer games?

Car racing zombie killer games are a type of action games that combine elements of shooter games and racing games. The main goal of these games is to drive a vehicle through a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies, while shooting them down with various weapons mounted on the car. The gameplay usually involves driving on different terrains, such as highways, cities, deserts, forests, etc., avoiding or crashing into obstacles, collecting coins and power-ups, upgrading your vehicle and weapons, and completing missions or challenges.

Car racing zombie killer games are inspired by popular movies, TV shows, comics, and books that feature zombies, such as The Walking Dead, World War Z, Resident Evil, Dawn of the Dead, etc. They appeal to fans of horror, action, adventure, and sci-fi genres. They also offer a lot of variety and replay value, as each game has its own story, graphics, sound effects, characters, vehicles, weapons, zombies, modes, levels, etc.

Why are they so popular and fun?

Car racing zombie killer games are popular and fun for many reasons. Some of them are:

  • They provide an adrenaline rush and a sense of excitement as you drive fast and shoot zombies.

  • They test your skills and reflexes as you have to dodge obstacles, aim accurately, and manage your resources.

  • They let you customize your vehicle and weapons according to your preferences and play style.

  • They offer a lot of content and challenges that keep you engaged and entertained for hours.

  • They have stunning graphics and sound effects that create an immersive atmosphere.

  • They have a social aspect as you can compete with other players online or cooperate with your friends in co-op mode.

How to download and play them on different devices?

Car racing zombie killer games are available on various platforms Best Car Racing Zombie Killer Games to Try in 2023

If you are looking for some car racing zombie killer games to download and play, here are some of the best ones that we recommend. We have selected them based on their ratings, reviews, features, and popularity. We have also included the links to download them on different devices, such as Android, iOS, and PC.

Zombie Killer Drift - Racing Survival Steam

Zombie Roadkill 3D Android App

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Zombie Apocalypse Car Shooting Game

Zombie Smasher Drift Racing Survival

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Zombie Outbreak Car Escape Game

Zombie Derby Racing Game Free

Car Race Zombie Hunter 2022 Game

Zombie Squad Racing Game APK

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Zombie Driver Racing Game Review

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Car Race Zombie Run Game Offline

Zombie Rush Racing Game Multiplayer

Car Race Zombie Shoot Game Online Free

Zombie Race 3D Racing Game Download for PC

Car Race Zombie Survival Game Android Download

Zombie Killer Car Driving Simulator Game

Car Race Zombie Escape 3D Adventure Game

Zombie Carnage Racing Shooter Game iOS Download

Car Race Zombie Fight 2022 Action Game

Zombie Rage Racing Stunt Game APK Download

Car Race Zombie Battle 3D Arcade Game

Zombie Road Trip Trials Racing Puzzle Game Free Download

Car Race Zombie Fury 2022 Strategy Game

Zombie Smash Racer Racing Arcade Game Online Play

Car Race Zombie Strike 3D Simulation Game

Zombie Squad Drive and Kill Racing Action Game Mod APK

Car Race Zombie War 2022 RPG Game

Zombie Derby Pixel Survival Racing Arcade Game PC Download

Car Race Zombie World 2022 Sandbox Game

Zombie Highway Killer 3D Racing Shooter Game Android App

Car Race Zombie City 2022 Open World Game

Zombie Road Dead Crossing Racing Adventure Game iOS App

Car Race Zombie Land 2022 Survival Horror Game

Zombie Drift Arena Racing Sports Game Steam Download

Car Race Zombie Army 2022 Shooting Game

Zombie Killer Drift - Racing Survival

Zombie Killer Drift - Racing Survival is a game that welcomes you to the fantastic open world of zombie apocalypse. You have to drive your way through hordes of zombies, using your weapons and skills to survive. You can unlock and upgrade 15 different vehicles, each with its own characteristics and abilities. You can also customize your car with various accessories and colors. The game has 16 levels to complete, each with different challenges and objectives. You can also enjoy the stunning 3D graphics and sound effects that create an immersive atmosphere.


  • 15 vehicles to unlock and upgrade, including off-road cars, sports cars, and more.

  • 16 levels to complete, each with different terrains, zombies, and missions.