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Edward Rams
Edward Rams

Natti Natasha X El Alfa X Chimbala - Wow BB [Official Video]

Chimbala resumed his work in urban music at the end of 2016 with the song "Tamo burlao", a collaboration with his colleague El Fother. Since its launch on October 11, 2016, this song has achieved almost seven million views in just two months on its official YouTube video. At this time he is called by some urban media outlets The little giant! of urban music. In the words of Chimabal himself, 2016 was a year of a lot of work because he managed to hit several songs, made a video clip, toured several countries, remained popular with the public, and conquered other markets.

Natti Natasha x El Alfa x Chimbala - Wow BB [Official Video]


En chercha @elalfaeljefe @chimbalaofficial @djluian ? ???????? celebrando el lanzamiento de #WOWBB ? díganme díganme Klk ustedes dicen sobre ese junte? ? #NattiNatasha #ElAlfa #Chimbala, escribió la cantante en su Instagram luego del estreno. 041b061a72


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