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Download Scary Teacher Mod Apk [REPACK]

Scary Teacher 3D is a story type game where a teacher has been threatening kids and her students. It is a horror game with 3D graphics. High quality graphics and open world feature make the game more interesting. It is a free to play game. Its performance is greatly optimized for all android devices and tablets. Perform different activities and scare teacher without getting caught.

Download Scary Teacher Mod apk

The game has a house which is consist of 15 rooms. Explore these rooms and hide from scary teacher. Collect items and other surprising things which will be beneficial for you in the game. There are so many unsolved mysteries in the house which you have to solve. Discover the missing things of victim kids. Stay safe from scary teacher and escape from house as soon as you solve mysteries.

The game gets regular updates to make the gaming experience even better and for improvements. The current version of this game is 5.5.1 and you can download the latest version from google play store as well.Q. What are the requirements to play Scary Teacher 3D?The game is optimized and there are not any big requirements to play this game. You need 4.2 and above android version and 2 GB of Ram at least to play the game smoothly.Q. What is the size of Scary Teacher 3D?The game has small size and you need 40 MB of free storage in your device. Free up some space and download it in your device in order to avoid any type of storage issue.Q. Who are the developers of Scary Teacher 3D game?Z and K Games are the developers of this game. You can check out their more games by visiting google play store. 4.09 / 5 ( 195 votes )Recommended for YouBussid Pro Apk

Scary Teacher 3D Mod Apk is an excellent game which provides a lot of fun and thrill to the players as they continue playing the game. The game is freely available on the Internet and the users can have a lot of ease in downloading the game. The majority of the features of the game are free, while some are not free and user has to pay to access these premium features of the application.

Scary Teacher 3D Mod Apk has exceptional features and has lots of downloads from all over the world. The game has also received many nice and fabulous reviews. The game has very awesome features which you can get to know by reading the full article stated below.

Scary Teacher 3D Apk is a fantastic android game in which the users can have a lot of fun while playing the very comedious and hilarious game. The evil teacher lives in the scary and creepy house and the player has to discover the house and explore various areas of the house and can get involved in the game.

The player can take on various hilarious and tricky pranks against the evil teachers. The user can play in various game modes and have a lot of fun pranking the teacher. The user has to surpass the guard with tactics. The teacher will get furious and the player can have fun watching all the angry and hilarious expressions. The overall gameplay is very interesting and graphics are of very high quality.

Yes, you can download Scary Teacher 3D Apk for absolutely free. The users can access all the major features for free and some are available in premium versions and users have to pay some charges in order to access these features.

Hence, it is concluded that Scary Teacher 3D Mod Apk is a very fabulous game which highly intrigues the players. The game play is very hilarious and the users can enjoy a very funny game. The features are very unique and the graphics are incredibly fabulous. The interface of the game is well suitable for all the aged and young people as it is very simple and easy. So, this game is a must download for all those people who love to play simulation games. In case of any queries, suggestions or feedback feel free to reach the comments section below. 041b061a72


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