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Guide to Successfully Betting on Football Matches

Football betting, in particular, and sports betting in general, are exciting games that attract many participants. Because each bet brings a sense of excitement and drama. However, achieving victory in football betting is not simple. Refer to some tips and tricks that bookmakers offer - shared by bet win tips in the following football betting guide to gain more information.

Guide to Online Football Betting

Playing online football betting is slightly different from real life. Because reputable bookmakers today offer players many betting options. Therefore, before getting into betting, you need to learn about these betting options. Below, the reputable bookmaker wintips will guide you through online football betting with the most popular types of bets:

Asian Handicap Betting

This is the most chosen type of bet, in which the strong team will give a handicap to the weaker team. The handicap reflects the clear correlation and strength between the two teams before each match. The odds and payouts are calculated meticulously by online sports betting site through statistical figures. Based on the statistics, players can easily assess the match in the most general way.

Guide to Reading Football Betting Odds for Popular Bets

Guide to Playing Over/Under (Total Goals) in Football

When betting on Over/Under, you just need to look at the Over/Under odds to somewhat predict the quality of the match, the attacking ability, and defense of each team. In the case of a match where both teams lean towards defensive play, the Over/Under level tends to be average to low. Therefore, you should bet on low scores like 1-1, 0-1, 2-1...

Conversely, in matches where both teams are strong and tend to play aggressively, you can choose scores over 3 goals. This will help you increase your bonus amount as well as your chances of winning.

Guide to Asian Handicap Betting

Betting on Asian Handicap in football is different from Asian Handicap betting. You don't need to pay attention to the handicap level, only three options: draw, home team wins, and away team wins. The odds for each option are different, making it easier for players to assess.

In cases where the odds are significantly different, you should place bets on the low odds to increase your chances of winning. For matches with balanced odds, you should choose the draw. This ensures that bettors do not suffer much damage.

Bet on Special Bets

In addition to main bets like Asian Handicap, Over/Under, or Asian Handicap, players should also pay attention to special bets. Because they are quite important in the match. Typically, the match result will depend on the number of corners, the number of cards... Therefore, when you have information about these special bets, you can more accurately predict the match score.

Bet at the Right Time

Betting at the right time is an effective betting tip that experts are applying. Bookmakers often offer odds about 4-5 hours before the match, a few hours before the match. Before betting, you should think carefully, regularly monitor how the bookmakers' odds change. From there, accurately grasp the betting odds.

Analyze the Importance of the Match

The time of the match and the importance of the match are two factors that you should rely on to make more accurate bets. The early season from rounds 1 to 12:

If the number of points the upper team bets on is higher than the lower team, choose the lower team.

If the number of points the upper team bets on is equal to or lower than the lower team, choose the upper team.

During the mid-season from rounds 13 to 25, you should choose the lower team. The end of the season is from round 26 to 30, if the number of points the upper team bets on is higher than the lower team, choose the upper team. If the number of points the upper team bets on is equal to or lower than the lower team, you should not bet on this match.

Bet According to the Team's Cycle

For bettors who regularly watch football matches and have a passion for football, this will be very helpful for you. Because at this time, you will know the form of the team and make appropriate decisions. To accurately bet according to the team's cycle, you need to understand the schedule of the club or team. At the same time, follow the form, update player transfer news...


Above are some football betting tips that wintips wants to share with you. To update more football news, betting odds from the most reputable bookmaker uk today, don't forget to visit!


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