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[S4E12] Situation Problems

As crappy as the situation with Maggie and Cam was, and the messiness is offputting, it still was screwed up that after everything Maggie has done for Sophie and every conceivable way she's been there and supported her without judgment regardless of the situation, Sophie treated her like crap and angled to leave without saying goodbye.

[S4E12] Situation Problems

However, the situation with Cam made him reconsider. Danny was a parallel to Cam. He wasn't willing to give up on the person he loved, and he was ready to do anything to get Milo back, including returning to Boston.

The scene between Jess and Luke is one of the best they've ever done and I'm immediately reminded of how much I like these actors together. Jess feels like Luke wronged him by kicking him out and then neglecting to care for his car. Luke is pissed that after Jess left, he never bothered to call or write. Luke tried his damndest to do right by Jess but his efforts went largely unappreciated. Jess ends up sleeping outside in his car until Rory and Lorelai find him post-hocho run. Rory is upset and wants nothing to do with the entire situation, so she leaves and lets Lorelai handle it.

Leland goes home and, after turning the heat down, confronts Karen about the incident. Karen openly denies having an affair, though Leland notes that it would explain why some of her habits have changed, but Karen merely says that they have marital problems.

At corporate, Michael is (maybe) all set to support Jan during the deposition hearing, but Ryan then takes him aside and urges him to do the right thing and not hurt Dunder Mifflin. Michael agrees and then is left with a terrible conflict. Michael's testimony starts well when he mentions the inappropriate way corporate handled Jan's situation, but his comments about her drinking and about apparent conflicts in statements he made about the nature of their relationship and when it started to cause problems.

On another night, as Lena was sleeping, he was awakened by a bloodcurdling scream. Thinking one of his team had been grabbed by Taliban or worse, he grabbed his gun and began taking stock of the situation. As Lena was checking over the observation post, he bumped into Wilson, who had also heard the scream. Meanwhile, Diggs assumed a person had been caught in the razor wire that surrounded the post, but he saw nothing as he scanned the area ...

Don Draper is visited by an old flame, Midge, and sees that she has fallen on hard times. Several business opportunities with major corporations are lost, scared away by Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce's immanent collapse. They suddenly realize how dire their financial situation is, and as a result redundancies are made. This causes Don to make an impulsive decision that will not only affect him, but the other partners. Cooper makes a decision. Betty and Henry decide to make a change, much to Sally's dismay.

While with Dr. Edna, Betty vents her problems with Henry, while Dr. Edna discusses Sally's progress. Betty asks whether Sally is "cured". Dr. Edna assures her that psychiatry is a continuum and in the light of Sally's progress she wants to cut her sessions to once a week. She'd also like to send Betty to a colleague of hers. Betty insists she doesn't need a psychiatrist. Upon hearing this, Dr. Edna realizes Betty is much more comfortable talking to her, even though she is a child psychiatrist.

In his office, Pete reveals that Philip Morris used SCDP's situation to leverage a better deal with Burnett. Peggy suggests to Don that the company change its name and start over. "If you don't like what they're saying about you, change the conversation." Don exclaims that it isn't possible to start over because they've "just started".

Data reports that the Phoenix is indeed in Sector 21505. Picard orders helm officer Wallace to set a course there and has Worf send a subspace message to the Phoenix, instructing them to prepare for a rendezvous. Macet offers a suggestion to Picard: with precise coordinates and the ship's transponder codes, he can have one of his ships meet up with the Phoenix much quicker than Picard can. Picard refuses, indicating that if one of his ships retaliates, they could quickly lose control of the situation, and he prefers to make the initial contact himself.

When they arrive, the Phoenix does not appear to be ready to battle the Cardassian ship, yet the sensors cannot ascertain the Cardassians' status as the ship is running a high-powered subspace field. Picard is faced with a decision of firing on a Federation starship and needs O'Brien's insight into how Maxwell thinks in a situation like this. Maxwell hails the Enterprise and demands that Picard board the Cardassians' ship, or he'll destroy it. Picard refuses and affirms his resolve to use whatever means necessary to prevent Maxwell from undertaking any further hostile action. With that, he closes the channel and O'Brien warns that Maxwell will strike if his back is to the wall, and that is exactly what happens. Picard initiates red alert and readies to attack the Phoenix but O'Brien offers to beam over to talk some sense into Maxwell. Riker cautions that the Phoenix captain won't bring his shields down to transport, but O'Brien replies that he knows how the Phoenix shields work. He explains that as it uses a high-energy sensor system, which cycles every 5.5 minutes, with a window of a fiftieth of a second, he can get on board through that window. Picard accepts the opportunity to avoid spilling the blood of fellow Starfleet officers, and O'Brien prepares to board the ship.

Ted and Robin argue over their untidy habits getting in the way of being roommates. They stop when Robin points out that they didn't drive each other this crazy when they were dating, and suspects it was the sex that distracted them from this. They initially laugh it off, but end up sleeping together to deal with the situation. Marshall catches them the next morning while he's using Ted's bathroom to "read a magazine." Marshall admits he was there as he cannot use the work toilet, because his coworkers judge him. Marshall blackmails Ted and Robin: he won't tell Lily and Barney about their sex, provided he can continue to use their bathroom, but gives in and tells Lily about it. Lily angrily points out that when two exes try to be friends with benefits, someone always gets hurt. Barney promptly breaks a television outside MacLaren's to vent his anger. When Marshall confides in his work problem, Barney says that he "reads a magazine" at work all the time, but he then asks for affirmation that they are talking about masturbation.

Ted and Robin's arrangement hits a snag when they accidentally kiss each other goodbye on Ted's way out, an old reflex from when they were together, and decide to bring it to an end, but this lasts less than a day. Marshall again catches them, as it is revealed that construction workers have destroyed the eighth floor and the bathroom he was using. Barney solves all of Ted and Robin's household problems to ensure they have no reason to have sex. Ted realizes that Barney loves Robin. Barney denies it, but later tells Lily about his heartbreak in front of her kindergarten class.

  • SpongeBob replaces his old and broken spatula with a new one, but discovers that new doesn't always mean better."All That Glitters" contains examples of: An Aesop: As spelled out by SpongeBob himself during the episode's climax, "all that glitters is not gold."

  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: Le Spatula.

  • All for Nothing: After spending literally everything he had that was worth monetary value, SpongeBob doesn't even get to use Le Spatula to flip even one Krabby Patty.

  • All That Glitters: The title of the episode and its moral. Even SpongeBob states it.

  • Animate Inanimate Object: Spat, SpongeBob's old spatula, becomes this in the next hospital scene.

  • Bait-and-Switch Comment:Doctor: SpongeBob, I hate to tell you this... SpongeBob: I know. He's moved on to the big kitchen drawer in the sky! He's gone! (sobs) Doctor: Actually, it's not that. I didn't get the acting part.

  • Big Eater: The fat guy who ordered the Monster Krabby Patty.

  • Bizarro Episode: As weird as this show can get, this episode takes it to another level, by not just having SpongeBob spend half the episode strutting around naked (without even milking it for much humor), but also by having spatulas suddenly being sentient beings that get treated as people by the other characters (not just SpongeBob himself), which is promptly forgotten about going forward.

  • Bookends: The episode begins with SpongeBob trying to flip a Monster Krabby Patty, which leads to his spatula breaking. The same patty shows up at the end of the episode, but this time, SpongeBob's arms break off.

  • Changed My Mind, Kid: In the ending, Spat returns from the hospital and immediately forgives SpongeBob for replacing him.

  • Companion Cube: Spat to SpongeBob.

  • Dull Surprise: Squidward when he receives the order for a Monster Krabby Patty, even though everybody around him (except for the customer) are horrified to even hear of its name.

  • French Jerk: Le Spatula turns out to be this.

  • Happier Times Montage: When SpongeBob first visits Spat in the hospital, he says, "We've been through so much together." Cue montage of SpongeBob doing various things with Spat.

  • Hate Sink: It's hard to imagine how Le Spatula could be anything but this, given how cruelly he tells off SpongeBob after all the effort the guy put into acquiring him and declaring himself to be too good for the likes of the Krusty Krab kitchen before leaving.

  • Here We Go Again!: In the end, SpongeBob has to make another Monster Krabby Patty, only this time his arms pop off when attempting to flip. However, this time he is able to laugh it off.

  • How Do You Say: "I would not dare touch such slop as this, how you say, Krabby Patty!"

  • I Call It "Vera": SpongeBob calls his spatula "Spat".

  • I'm Not a Doctor, but I Play One on TV: "I'm not a doctor, I'm an actor researching for a role."

  • Medium Blending: A pair of giant, live-action human hands put a giant pile of Krabby Patty meat onto the grill.

  • Naked People Are Funny: SpongeBob had to sell everything to buy a new high-tech spatula, including his clothes. He arrives to work the next day completely naked, much to Krabs' dismay and Squidward's amusement. He is naked for the remainder of the episode.

  • Overly-Long Gag: SpongeBob cries to... everything in Bikini Bottom about his broken spatula.

  • There's also SpongeBob smashing those piggy banks one by one to appease the salesman.

  • Prone to Tears: SpongeBob cries a lot in this episode.

  • Rejected Apology: Spat is suddenly angry with SpongeBob replacing him, and despite SpongeBob apologizing for it, he doesn't forgive him. Eventually, he returns to him in the ending with no problems at all.

  • Title Drop: Once SpongeBob breaks down on the floor crying, another SpongeBob pops up and delivers the aesop of the episode to the audience: "All that glitters is not gold."

  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: The customer who ordered the Monster Krabby Patty is what leads to SpongeBob's spatula breaking and him selling his clothes to buy Le Spatula.

  • Wingding Eyes: SpongeBob's eyes turn into red spirals when he freaks out after Mr. Krabs tells him to get a new spatula.

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